Monday, August 1, 2011

37 Days to Go and Lots of Work to Do

August 1, 2011

Dear Dad,

Well what a week!!!! I can’t believe it’s already over. Time is going way too fast and in 37 days I’m going to be seeing you. WOW!!!!!!!! We had a really good week and have found a ton of new investigators!! It looks like we are going to start baptizing like crazy!!! I’m very excited. Things are definitely a lot quieter since Elder Heywood and Elder Hudson no longer live with us. With just Elder Curapil and me, things get pretty boring.

I’m sending you pictures of the baptism of Pedro and Maria Del Carmen that we had last week. Also, my old district; the four of us that have the matching ties are Elder Heywood, Elder Hudson, Elder Curapil and me of course. Life’s really, really calm and easygoing right now. I’m just a senior companion. I really had forgotten what it was like to have no responsibility and not be a leader. Life is so easy. I really have no complaints! It’s great!

Dad I agree with you 100% on the take it easy and slow thing when I get home. I read a talk by Boyd K. Packer the other day and he spoke of how a fruit fly is born, grows to adulthood, mates, has babies, and dies all in the same day. He spoke of maturity and how we shouldn’t force ourselves into an adult and mature state too fast and to enjoy the moment we are in and not only live for the future. This really impacted me. I plan to not try to set the whole world on fire all at once. I don’t want to look back with the regret at not enjoying my youth to the fullest. I plan to see what the Lord has in store for me when I get home and really enjoy all phases of my life.

I plan to work and enjoy these next five week to the fullest. I really am not that trunky. I still get up every day on time, exercise, study, and do it all. I rarely even think of home when I’m out working. It’s weird because I know the end is coming soon, but I don’t really believe it. It doesn’t really seem like something that is even possible, so we shall see.

Dad, I’m putting together several maps and plans for when you guys get here. We will drive the rental car to several distant locations in Uruguay (remember Uruguay is practically the same size as Utah, so technically not that distant and all of the locations we will be visiting are places I have been during my mission). I know the rutas very well and have traveled them a lot during my time here. I will send your packet this week. Included will be our traveling locations, people that we will visit and tourist locations we will see. The only thing you need to reserve ahead of time is a rental car and the hostel where we will be staying on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Besides that I figure we will be staying in hotels in several locations. We will go and check in without reservations. There shouldn’t be any problems. During this time of the year all are pretty much wide open because there isn’t much tourism during the end of winter. I have been looking into it; prices vary but they are pretty much the same prices as a Motel 6 in the states. Every city we are going to is very safe and we should have absolutely no problems the whole week.

When you first get to Montevideo, the people at the airport will most likely be able to communicate with you in English and get you set up with a rental car. Your USA driver’s license is valid for a rental car, but only a rental car… BUY THE INSURANCE IT IS TOTALLY WORTH IT!!! Traffic laws are a little bit different here. I will include that information in the packet and give you precise directions from the airport to the hostel. Don’t get pulled over… you will not be able to understand a thing that is going on if that happens. The way people speak Spanish here is very different and difficult to understand. From the temple to the air port is only a ten minute drive. I suggest that you just go straight to the temple and hostel, take it easy and stay the night there Tuesday. It’s the safest thing you could do. There should be no problems. I’m almost 100% sure that I will be released on Tuesday night and be one of the first final interviews because of my situation. After meeting with you on Tuesday night, I will be your translator for the rest of the trip. You will need a translator.

I do need to know for sure what day we are returning home. That way I can make more precise plans. I think we will be flying home Wednesday if I’m not mistaken, but let me know.

Well I love you guys a ton


Baptism of Pedro and Maria

Men in Ties

The Zone

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