Monday, July 25, 2011

6 Final Weeks in Parque del Plata

July 24, 2011
Dear Dad,

Well I have had a good week. Last night the decision on the fate of the rest of my mission was made. I will be staying in Parque del Plata with Elder Curapil. As of tomorrow, it is 6 weeks until you will be here. That’s not much time, but I figure that all will work out alright and we should be able to baptize like crazy.  At our last change, we shared the biggest ward in the country with another companionship. We found out last night that we will now be solos and the entire area is ours. They are removing a companionship and now our area is huge!!!!!! There is so much work to do. I imagine that I will finish this thing more busy that ever. 

My companion is doing well. We had our planned baptism on Saturday. I won’t be sending pictures because I don’t have enough time, but next week for sure.  Pedro got baptized and all went well. 

Dad, I think you need to speak with the hostel. To spend the night in the hostel you have to reserve and attend the temple every day that you stay. The main worry I have is to run into you in the temple (of all places) before I’m released.  On the afternoon of Tuesday the sixth, I will be in the temple with Presidente DaSilva at the 3:30 session. 

I will send you all of the information you need this next week in a letter with maps and daily plans.  If you want, I suggest bringing your GPS with a Uruguay download or something. I believe that I may not be interviewed until Wednesday because my group that is leaving is so big, but we will see. If I do not get released until Wednesday, it will make things super complicated because I will be spending the night in the hostel as well.  I will let you know a little more later when I know for sure. One thing is for sure... Wednesday night we do need to spend the night in the hostel so call them and make the appropriate preparations. I figure that you might as well try to spend the night there Tuesday night also; it is the safest place to be while in South America. 

Mary… congratulations on your new baby Bradley.

Well I love you and thanks for everything.

Elder Sluder

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