Monday, July 11, 2011

Three Baptisms Planned for July 23rd

July 11, 2011

Dear Dad,

Well I had an absolutely wonderful week myself. Things got up to 15 degrees (that’s about 60 degrees Fahrenheit) this week and so it was a great week to be outside proselytizing. I’ve now scheduled 3 baptisms for the 23 of July. I am going to help one of my investigators rebuild his motor on his three wheeled truck thing so that he can come to church more regularly. Saturday night I taught one of the first lessons in English that I can remember on my entire mission. The truth is it was hard to do and I confused many words. But everything turned out alright. The sister was amazed at my bible knowledge. The things I taught about the bible didn’t come from the bible, but from the Book of Mormon. I really prefer teaching from the Book of Mormon. She is a 60 year old retired woman from Florida. A Super Random contact!

My companion is awesome!!! He’s doing so well and we have really enjoyed our time together. We are already getting ready for the end of the change on the 26th. I figure I’ll stay with him and he´ll be my companion to finish the mission. The work is going so good. My bishop is great and works hard. My ward is supportive and happy. We had awesome attendance of over 100 people at church yesterday! It is so nice to be in a positive, happy ward!

Regarding my debit card… I will probably receive it on a Monday because that is the day we receive our mail. I will have my eye out for it and things should work out well. Money wise, right now I’m doing just fine and with what you have given me, I should be just fine to finish out the month without any problems. Thank you so much!!!

Well everything here is good and the sun is finally shining. This area is beautiful. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to finish the mission. I’ll try to send photos in the email next week. We have plans to go out today and visit some local attractions.

I love you all so very much.

Elder Sluder

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