Wednesday, August 10, 2011

One Month To Go and the Work is Great!

August 8, 2011

Dear Dad,
Well, I had a wonderful week. We worked sooooo hard and yesterday it worked out to our benefit. We now have two solid baptisms for the month of August and it looks like we are going to baptize a family that is so amazing. Yesterday we had 3 investigators in church and it felt sooooo good. We’re constantly looking for new investigators and it is working out so well. This is easily the best area of the mission that I have ever served in and to tell you the truth I’m having a blast!!! Yesterday our ward was so good to us and they took such good care of our investigators that I was shocked. I’ve been working a lot with the young mens organization and yesterday in fast and testimony meeting they all got up to bear their testimonies. They all mentioned how much they love my companion and me. Oh how I miss being in the young men’s. I really love working with the young men and hope that I can be a young men’s leader when I get home.  My companion and I get along great and we’re both very focused. I’m going out with a bang!!!

Besides all of these things, life is great. Later today I will get all the plans together for your trip and have them sent to you. Hopefully they will get there to you before you make your trip.  

I received my debit card!!!!  I probably won’t use it for a day or so, but I will need some money to buy a few things in preparation for going home. I want to make a business card with my address and information on them so that as we visit some people in the country, I can leave them with something.  I have seen many missionaries do the same and it works out spectacularly. So that is just an ejemplo of the things that I will need to buy in these upcoming weeks. I really can’t use my missionary funds to buy stuff like that.  

Besides this, I will also send you a list of things that you will need to get in the United States that people have asked me for because they have no access to them here.  For example, my Elders Quorum President wants a copy of Mormon Doctrine by Bruce R. McConkie because it is nowhere to be found here (In English because he speaks English; for the Uruguayans Bruce R. McConkie is their hero). Another member asked me for an English hymn book. The packet I will send you will be more detailed and more organized and all expenses will be reimbursed. If you can even find them used or for free, more power to you.  

Well I love you and I’m very excited. When I write you next week, I will only have 23 days left. The real truth is that I will only write you emails three more times after this. Crazy!!!!!

Well I love you a lot. Things are starting to warm up and spring is coming here early this year.  Everything is great.  

Let Mary know that I will be thinking of her and keeping Bradley in my prayers.  And Mary I am excited to see and will see Bradley when I get home.

Elder John P. Sluder 

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