Monday, August 22, 2011

One Baptism This Week and Another Planned

August 22, 2011

Dear Family, 

Wow what a fast week! Time is so uncontrollable. This is email number one of only two more that I will be sending for the rest of my mission.  Wow, it’s so crazy to think that over two years ago I was getting ready to leave on my mission and now it’s almost over.  

We have been working full tilt. Yesterday we had a baptism!!!!  We baptized a young girl named Romina Gimenez. She’s 19 years old and the ward was so jazzed to have new future young woman for the missionaries who are returning home this summer. The baptismal service went very well and we had several investigators attend.  We are so excited and plan to keep baptizing many more. We have a plan to baptize a young man my last Sunday in the mission field (The 4th of September). His name is Rodrigo.  He’s awesome and now has his entire family coming to church. We figure soon they too will be baptized. They all came to the baptism yesterday. I sent a picture of Romina from her baptism yesterday. She is the one dressed in white of course. Bruno is the young man who baptized her (he’s a stud!); and of course my companion and me with Romina’s mother (who is already a member and was reactivated after 15 years of inactivity). What an awesome Sunday and a spectacular week!

Well it got cold again!!!  And we have had a week full of rain and wind.  They say that things are supposed to warm back up before September gets here. I sure hope so, I’m very cold. We are working so hard. I have my companion and I doing everything we can to stay focused and to be honest I’m the most focused I have ever been in my entire mission.  

Next week, my Bishop has me assigned to speak in church here. I asked him what topic he wanted me to speak about and he said, “You just choose’s your farewell”. So next week I will have my farewell in Uruguay. My bishop here in Parque Del Plata is a champion. He’s so great and he loves my companion and me. It gives us a real motivation to work hard and I have really come to love and appreciate my calling as a missionary that much more.

The other photo I sent you is of the beach in Costa Azul y La Foresta (a small beach town 5 KM. east of Parque Del Plata). We went there the other day. We went out exploring there because it is also included in our area.  Missionaries have never really worked there and we were shocked by the number of people who are living there. It was beautiful and I feel even more overwhelmed with work than before.  But that’s a good thing. Besides all of these things, I’m well and plan to have another fine week in the mission field.    

I love you guys a lot and thank you for those addresses.


Romina's Baptism 

On the beach at Costa Azul y La Foresta 

Costa Azul y La Foresta 

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